Our baby, Harper, making a trip to town with us
Our baby, Harper, making a trip to town with us

Welcome to JoJo’s Goldendoodles , home of quality bred Goldendoodles in South Georgia.

My love for dogs is what inspired me to get involved in raising Goldendoodles. Through the years, I have had a variety of breeds of dogs for pets, and I really think the doodle is by far my most favorite.  They make excellent companions for inside, as their no shed quality is much appreciated, yet they are robust and energetic enough to make excellent outdoor playmates as well. Their docile retriever personality makes them excellent with children, as my toddlers prove on a daily basis, and the poodle’s intelligence makes them very trainable. Our dogs are our personal pets with wonderful personalities, and it is a pleasure to be able to share these traits, through the occasional breeding and sale of our puppies, to prospective buyers that share our same love for dogs.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Do you have any available puppies for sale at this time prefer a little girl, if so how much and how old are they and the price? If not when will you have another litter.



    1. I do have 1 little girl that will be ready in about a week I also have several males in this same litter.. the deposit is $500 and the balance of $1300 is paid at time of pick up.. these guys will mature to around 40 lbs


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