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F1B Goldendoodles are 25% Goldendoodle and 75% Poodle.

Sir Winston, he is making a handsome man!!

Proud to claim Winston as being one of our babies born here at JoJo’s Goldendoodles!! We are very pleased with the continued, high quality multigenerational Goldendoodles we are raising. Nothing speaks louder than happy customers that  frequently express their satisfaction with our puppies! We plan to continue striving to produce premier quality doodles here in South Georgia!!



Pics of our pups from our last litter-4 months old



These are pics of puppies from our last litter (Magoo and Tootie). They are about 4 months old. The general consensus is that they are all very laid back, quite smart, and have been easily house trained. So proud that they all have good homes and have been good fits for their new owners!!