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Should I buy a Goldendoodle?

When people are asking the question, “Should I buy a Goldendoodle?”, they always want to meet the parents of their new Goldendoodle puppy. And we are so proud of Tootie, Magoo, Casper, Icy, Loretta, and Bodie that we’d love you to meet them right now! Oh, and by the way, if you’re wondering the best place to buy a Goldendoodle, it’s right here

TOOTIE:  our standard female poodle, dam

Tootie is probably the most loyal and affectionate dog we have ever owned. She is a red standard poodle, weighing in at approximately 35lbs. She is great with kids, specifically is very patient with our 2 year old twins who constantly want her to wear their hats, try on glasses, sample all of their snacks, let them practice learning body parts by poking her nose, etc. She has a very calm demeanor and at times looks at you with the most human appearing eyes. It goes without saying that she is one of our favorite dogs of all time!!

Tootie is OFA certified with good hip and elbow ratings.

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MAGOO: our multigenerational sire

Our Mr. Magoo is a cream colored multigenerational goldendoodle, weighing in at 38 lbs. He loves to run and play outside and would probably be unhappy being indoors all of the time. I’m pretty sure he can jump the highest of any dog his size that I have ever seen!!

In spite of his love to stretch his legs, he can turn it down several notches to be very gentle and docile with our babies when he needs to. He is like a big, fuzzy teddy bear when it comes to them!!

He is OFA certified with a good hip rating.


image-5237″ src=”https://jojosgoldendoodles.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/image1.jpg” alt=”image” width=”325″ height=”480″ /> Mr Magoo, our multigenerational sire


ICY: our party colored standard poodle, dam


BODIE, our phenomenal English Golden Retriever with parents imported from Russia

Bodie is our English Golden Retriever, whose parents were both direct imports from Russia with champion bloodlines. He is a solid 80 lbs of fluffy white, bundle of love. He has the most calm and gentle demeanor yet is still very playful and almost goofy at times! He gets along very well with other dogs as well as with our children, which are both essential qualities at our household. He loves to come inside to visit, but is really more content when he is stretching his legs out on our 20 acres. We absolutely love his disposition and our proud to be able to hopefully pass those traits on in an occasional litter of puppies!!



CASPER: our red standard poodle dam:

Casper is another one of our sweet, very calm natured girls that never fails to deliver some of the most beautiful puppies!! She is our smallest girl in our pack, weighing in at about 34lbs.  She tends to have some of our smaller babies, with most of them so far weighing around the 35-40lb mark  full grown.

She is OFA certified with good hip and elbow ratings.


meet Joey!!

he is another one of our dads. He is a super sweet and easy going dude. He weighs 37 lbs and he throws tons of curl..

Should I buy a Goldendoodle from the Southeast's best doodle breeder.

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