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Are Goldendoodles a good family dog? Yes ~they are smart, fun, and adorable. Watch our teddy bear Goldendoodle videos.

A Year in the Life of a Goldendoodle – Video

Are Goldendoodles a Good Family Dog?

A year in the life of a Goldendoodle will help set your expectations as you consider adding one of these awesome dogs to your family and helping you determine “Are Goldendoodles a good family dog?”  Find out as you watch this YouTube Goldendoodle video.

Are Goldendoodles Easy to Train?

Goldendoodle puppies are the most fun and easiest to train.  So many people who are looking for Goldendoodles near me overlook the fact that finding Goldendoodle breeder reviews may convince you to jump on a plane and bring that cuddly and smart new addition to your family back home with you. Should you look for a 1 year old Goldendoodle and hope to find those Goldendoodles easy to train?  Here at JoJosGoldendoodles.com, we have found that a Goldendoodle adoption at 8 weeks makes Goldendoodles easy to train.

How Much Does a Goldendoodle Cost?

We know there are folks looking to buy for Goldendoodles for $400, $500, and $600.  That would surely arouse suspicions to JoJo’s Goldendoodles to find a Goldendoodle for sale under $600, because we know what it takes to breed and deliver a healthy, happy doodle for adoption and that’s why we have found the sweet spot in pricing near $2,000.  Yes, we have colleagues and competitors selling these splendid dogs for over $6,000. We think $1,800 – 2,200 is fair.  And if you’re thinking about buying Goldendoodles on eBay or Craigslist, please rethink that!

The Goldendoodle puppies have arrived!!

We are happy to announce that we have a wonderful litter of F1bb Goldendoodles, 10 in all, that have finally arrived!! The males won the popularity contest, as they outnumber the females 8 to 2. Their mother, “Tooty”, is doing an exceptional job keeping them all nursed and cozy. We will continue to update you on our new babies!!

10 in all...8 males, 2 females
10 in all…8 males, 2 females